Thursday, April 28, 2011

Circle Calling Cards

Yesterday I received a lovely package I have anxiously been waiting was full of Circle member's calling cards. I signed up for a swap of the 3"x3" beauties, worked diligently to make 45 of them and sent them off then began waiting for the return package. It was so much fun to see everyone's ideas of what to put on the calling cards, each one is a work of art! The next challenge was to figure out a way to display all the pretties.
At first I thought I would create a clothesline grid with wire in a large picture frame but alas, I didn't have a frame large enough to hold all the cards so I improvised. I found a few push pins, pushed them in the wall, then wrapped some florist wire around them. Tada! A clothes line for artwork. I didn't have any clothes pins (well I found one tiny one - I wondered where the rest of the package went 15 years ago!) so again I improvised and tried it with small plastic coated paper clips. It works! Okay the colored clips don't add anything to the art but hey - they're hanging! I must confess, before pushing the pins into the drywall, I had to do a bit of painting.
You see, my craft room is in the unfinished portion of the basement. I mean really unfinished, only part of the wall has drywall and it has seen some abuse. My son decided to tape some posters a few years back (mind you this wall was never taped or primed!) and the walls look atrocious. I knew I wanted to take a photo of all the pretty calling cards so I decided to quickly prime the un-taped sheet rock before putting up the display.
So, there is my disclaimer for my raw, unfinished room. But it is my little piece of crafting paradise and I love being in my crafty space, especially now that I have some lovely artwork from fellow circlets to gaze at. If you look closely at the second picture in the top left, you will see the pink fleur de lis, my calling card, and in the last picture on the top right there is a teddy bear card made by my wonderful SIL, marebare. I had to bookend the top row with our two calling cards so I could easily point them out!


Val said...

I love seeing other people's crafty areas! It is such a great place to be and just create:)

Mary said...

This turned out great! Can you come over and put mine up now?!! You also did a great job on your wall also, you are hired, to do my kitchen :)