Sunday, April 10, 2011


I visited many blogs this weekend, mainly for the No Housework blog hop organized by Groovy Deb. A couple challenges presented themselves, one was to use your favorite color, mine is green, and the other was correlated with what house work chore you hate the most...mine is mopping and washing walls...I mean really, do people wash their walls?!

Well the hated chore corresponded to a material to use: mopping-use ribbon, washing walls-use card stock. I combined both challenges and created a card using ribbon, card stock and my favorite color, green. The end result is a father's day card. I also created a thank you card, using green (fav. color again!)

for another challenge at marcisscrappingspot, another part of the blog hop and finally to use a bird (because housework is for the birds!!) challenge from scrappingtheguys. Enjoy!!