Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Graduation Open House

The month of June was busy, busy, busy.   It started with the last weeks of school and the mad rush to get the library cleaned and ready for  summer.  Usually I go into work  a couple of days after school lets out to tie up loose ends and pack up the office but this year we went north the day I started summer break.  The family enjoyed a week of fishing and the kids even tried to swim on the one sunny day!  Brrrr, not quiet warm
enough in early June in northern MN!  After  the fishing vaca. Bob and I headed to southern MN, actually into Wisconsin for a family reunion camping weekend.  Returned home and I took off for a couple night with DD for college orientation and registration.  Oh and the day before heading to Em's college, I went to visit my grandmother who had a few days stay in the hospital, giving all of the family a scare!  So basically I had two days to prepare the house and yard  for Emily's graduation open house.  The thunderstorms stayed away during the party and everyone had a great time.  Sunday, I was so exhausted and my body was so sore, I could hardly move.  It's a good thing I had an interesting book to read and no plans to go anywhere.  I think I slept more hours than I was awake!  I did manage to do a few decorations for the open house using my Cricut and Gypsy.  The first picture is of some small metal pails I purchased from the Target dollar spot.  The blue 2010 was a cutout of vinyl.  I used my gypsy to weld the letters from Plantin School Book cartridge and the graduation hat from Hello Kitty Greetings cart.  I think the letters were 2 inches high.  I wanted to have a decoration by my front door (usually there is a large blooming plant but it died during the winter and I haven't found another I like to replace it) so I grabbed a fake evergreen tree I bought on closeout after Christmas last year at Target and decided to make some graduation ornaments.  I was pressed for time (the theme for June!) so I went simple using the hats from Everyday Paper Dolls and cut the hats in school colors -blue and red.  I made some black graduation hats (mortarboards) to honor Em's graduation from Community college.  I laminated the mortar boards to protect them from the predicted rain and they weathered the night beautifully!

Monday, June 7, 2010


My daughter has graduated High School.  I cried like a baby (I did it at her college grad too - yep, she earned an Associates Degree by doing PSEO!)  Enjoy the pictures :o) The top photograph is from High School Graduation and the bottom photograph is a couple weeks earlier on the day of College Graduation.