Tuesday, February 22, 2011

blogger award for me?

Well lucky me, two wonderful people blessed me with the stylish blogger award! Thank you to Marebear and Crystal. Two very lovely and talented ladies!
I now know I am loved by some blogger friends :) Thank you ladies so much for choosing me as a stylish blogger!!
The fun in receiving the award is I get to share, share and share! Here are the requirements...

1. Thank the person/persons that shared this award with me and link it back to their blog/blogs.

2. Share eight things about myself.

3. Pass this award on to eight other bloggers that I have recently discovered.

4. Leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition!

Well, here I go...
Thank you Crystal and Mary! Oh, I already did that, I think I even left comments on their blogs with my gratitude...
Eight things about me, hummmm...
Okay, 1. I chose my blogger name, Chignon, because it is a fancy way of saying hair bun. It's pronounced Shin-Yon
2. I am a Media Specialist (teacher-librarian) by day (hence the hair bun idea) and a super crafter at night. Okay, I like to think I'm super...at least my family thinks I'm super, and I think my SIL thinks I super, I think.
3. I love to read, but you may have guessed that from my profession. Many nights it's a tug-of-war on what to do, read or craft.
4. I am only 29 years old, and will always be 29 years old, even though my oldest child is 20, middle is 18, and youngest is 16.
5. I am not a grandma - remember I am only 29! I do have three terrific children and a hubby who tolerates my hobby.
6. I grew my hair out long so I can wear the traditional librarian bun, I even have some old cardigan sweaters I can throw around my shoulders...but you likely won't see me in that! Unless I'm really cold in my craft room.
7. Laughter is great for the soul, that's why I married a funny man. I also like words used in funny ways, you know puns, play on words, etc. Well I am a librarian after all!
8. I used to call my crafting space the dungeon, because it is located in the basement as part of the utility room. But over the holidays I switched places and sent DH to the dungeon with his desk and I have a bigger spot to play. And I have room for a friend to join me - want to come over and chirp with the Cricut?

Now choosing eight bloggers to share the award...drum roll....
JustYolie, she has such beautiful layouts at her blog
Heather at the spotted leopard does great layering on her layouts
Shawn is a wonderful lady with creative ideas
Flaunt It Fridays has a weekly challenge
Rhonda at Scrappity Dappity Do has terrific projects
Joy at Joy's Life is super creative and funny too
Greenbean has wonderful unique and creative ideas
And for number 8, Yoli. she has been sharing some wonderful organizing ideas

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cricle Blog challeng #21

This week's challenge was to use two cuts and to have an animal, or something for an animal.
I'm the animal that needed a case for sunglasses, oh okay, I did use an owl on the design. I found a pattern on the internet to sew a case for glasses then went digging through my fabric stash. I found some old jeans and left over flannel fabric with an owl print. Perfect!

I cut the two needed pieces from the fabrics then decided to make a stencil with vinyl and my Cricut. I first cut an owl from Give a Hoot at 3" (page 28) then a pair of sunglasses from Groovy Times (pg 55 shift) at 1 3/4 inches. for the owl, I made a stencil by removing the actual cut out so the remaining outside stuff is the stencil. I stuck the vinyl onto the jeans piece of fabric and used a brayer to really get the edges down. Then I used the sunglasses cut and put them where I thought the owl eyes would be, and again made sure it was adhered well using a brayer. The fabric was dark so I put a layer of yellow fabric paint on first, after that was dry I mixed some colors to get a green that was close to the lining (flannel) fabric. I let it all dry over night then stitched the sunglasses case together. After finishing the sewing I realized it would be better to have an image on the "front" of the case. So, out came the vinyl and this time I cut the sunglasses (again from GT pg 55, shift) at 2" real dial size.
I used some golden yellow fabric paint and filled in the image. Let it dry. I used some Viva decor pens to jazz up the shades, Glass Effect Gel for the glint lines and star, mimicking the picture in the book, and outlined the shades with Lilac Pearl Pen.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've been crafting, really I have! I just don't always post that quickly...so I made a few Valentines this weekend but of course I couldn't post in case my loved ones saw them before receiving the cards!
This first card was made using the guidelines for the Cricut Circle blog weekly challenge-use a heart, embossing and two cricut cuts. The shaped card is actually white card stock. Most of my photos are taken at night, I know it should be in the real sunshine of the day, but really?! I work during the sunlight hours so crafting occurs at night and thus picture taking is at night. Back to the card...I used the cheap card stock found in the office supplies and cut the heart shape with the cricut Wild Cards cart. Then I embossed the top of the card using the floral folder that came with my cuttlebug, and nope, there never was a name listed (or I didn't see it in my excitement of opening the gift at Christmas!) Next I used some colored twine to stitch around the heart (the holes were there from the cut!). Then on the wild card cart I found the hugs and kisses sentiment, cut that out of the white scraps. Adhered the hugs and kissed to a heart cut out from Wild Cards using shiny red paper from my scrap stash, popped up the heart with some 3m dimensionals and you see the results! The white "stitching" on the red heart is drawn with the white signo pen

Okay this card the color is really off! The embossed background is actually a light blush, pinkish color, and shiny. The paper is from my scrap stash (most of my paper was given to me from a card making friend who inherited it from a thankful parent of a student). I embossed the blush paper with the Persia Die/Embossing combo (the folder part of couse!) The layered cut is from one of my newest carts, Groovy Times. I just love that cart and have more fun looking at the book than creating (well that will change as I use it!) All the papers are from my scrap stash (I have a lot of scrap paper!) The ribbon was from some packaging, and the white stitching was part of the ribbon. In all a fun card with out any investiment! (other than time and cricut machine materials!)

Okay so now for this third card. The black background paper is Coredinations black magic.
I used the argyle cuttlebug folder and lightly sanded the black layer. I actually did this background piece to show my DS's girlfriend how the cuttlebug works. Being the paper horder I am, I saved the sample and used it to make this card. The cuts are several from Groovy Times and the paper is all from my (yep, you guessed it!) scrap stash! The silver letters that say Stay Cool are "shined" up with a bit by drawing small curved lines with the a light blue colored Viva Decor Pearl pen. The sunglasses have a bit of glossy shine from a clear Viva Decor pen.

And here is a photo attempt to show the dimension the viva decor paints have and maybe a bit lighter look to the card!
My son loved the card because it wasn't girly at all, and he had a pair of silver rimmed glasses just like those!