Saturday, August 22, 2009

OK, summer came and went, twice! scince I first started this blog for the express purpose of completing the 23 things for web 2.0. Yikes! I put many other things as higher priorities, such as completing the course work for my master's degree, prepping the house for graduation open house (this past May) of first born, getting second born off on a Germany trip and helping the "baby" get his diver's permit and giving driving lessons! Whew. Time ran out for the 23 things but I may explore them slowly as time permits. Now my focus is turning toward getting my school library ready for all the smiling faces of students. I also have to help my own children get ready for school, one for college, one for college PSEO and another for high school. Somewhere in the mix I do say hello to my DH as we enjoy the rollercoaster of parenthood. Right now most of our conversation seems to be about cars as our oldest is car shopping for the college commute. I usally steal away for some scrapbook time or computer searching about scrapbooking techniques when the car talk gets too overwelming (which is often as I don't know much about cars, just where the gas tank is and maybe how to check the oil).