Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day = the 3 Rs!

I am a frugal crafter, always looking for ways to save money, and I like to reuse items in different SIL just laughs at me and my thrifty ways. I save the clear packaging from clam shells, I have a special file box/folder for scrap papers. I am always on the search for new ways to use old things (see old post of paperback books). Well, now my junk collecting is being recognized, okay maybe not MY junk but others in the Cricut Circle world are being challenged to recycle/repurpose/reuse items for a challenge, this is was what I started with (after some modifications)

and not all of the items made it to the final project, nor were all items used in the beginning photo (this is just what I saved from the swarm)...Here is my creation for the Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle, challenge...So what exactly did I reuse/repurpose/recycle???
Okay the base for my mini album is made from the sleeves of coffee cups, you know those fancy kind from specialty coffee shops? The three I used were from the coffee shop at Craft's Direct in Waite Park, MN (I asked other crafters if I could have theirs.) On the front cover I used the stir sticks from the same coffee shop as the "spine" and a rubber band I had laying around. (it might have migrated home from work after wrapping around some spine labels in the mail)
So that's three things already (the requirement for the challenge) but I used more...the center of the flowers is cut from an old children's book using a cut from Everyday Cricut cart, the centers of the treat box that I didn't use for this project - just the centers! I ripped the treat box (cut too small for what I was trying) so I couldn't let the scrap go to waste! The flowers are actually from a small pick of flowers, silks I suppose some would call them, that were from an display that was too ratty to continue as a decoration in my house. The Cricut logo was cut from a paper drinking cup (saved from the crop). On another page I plan to insert a picture from a swarm of some of us gals being silly, but I made the clear embellishment from recycled clam shell.

I cut a scalloped circle from Cricut Everyday then ran it thru. the cuttlebug with the spots and dots folder.
The flowers showing above the book are left overs from another challenge (I cut a LOT of flowers for the layout)

and the stems of the flowers are stir sticks, again from the coffee shop. The flowers were cut from the Mother's Day Bouquet cartridge and the leaves and grass are from Plantin School Book cart. (2 different cuts - another challenge requirement) The flowers, leaves, and grass were cut from corediantions cardstock with Viva decor pearl pens in the flower centers. All three coffee cup sleeves are pockets and the pocket inserts/tags were cut from some light green card stock.

On each green "tag" I added a tab that was cut from a box used a Christmas to house a shirt I gifted to DH. (another thrifty save! and reuse!) I simply cut the tabs from the From My Kitchen cart and adhered them with the dark brown side showing (the smooth white from the outside of the box is glued together!) On the first tabbed tag you can see my name tag from the swarm, on the back I will add a photo from the event - I still have to select and send to be printed all the pictures I took of the fun :) I hope you are inspired to help the environment and find new and fun ways to use every day products from around your house! Go Green!


Mary said...

My,my my dear SIL, I only raz you cuz I luv ya!!! And hve you noticed how I'm picking up some of your frugal ways??!! You amaze me with the things you create. Your projects are awesome:)

Carlene said...

I do the same thing! I keep my paper scraps in a labelled 12x12 file. I ran off with an empty plastic package from the Easter eggs this morning lol

Love what you have done here! Especially the embossing :-) TFS!