Monday, August 30, 2010

Salsa is made!

This weekend DH and I made two batches of salsa.  It took all day Saturday to make the first batch.  It was huge, we ended up with 12 quarts and 8 pints but we still had tomatoes! Sunday was spent enjoying visiting with good friends from out of town (they ended up at our place last night because of the hotel goofing up the reservation) then after they left it was back to kitchen duty.  The second batch was only a third of the size of Saturday's creation so it went fairly quickly.  Second batch of salsa yielded 2 quarts and 7 pints with the added bonus of being extra spicy.

  The first picture is of Saturday's results (notice the scalloped labels!) and the second photo is of me showing off some of the ingredients ready for the simmering pot of tomatoes, notice the dark green jalapenos!  I ran out of labels and plan to make a few more with some changes to distinguish between the two different salsas. 

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Marey said...

Mmmmmm... can't wait to try it! You'll share with your favorite SIL, right??