Saturday, May 15, 2010

Talent at work

I have a friend, Cec, who works in the school library with me and she is always amazed at the creative items I make for the students (shaped flash cards) and gifts for co-workers.  The truth is I am amazed with her creative ability with writing.  In honor of a retirement, Cec wrote this poem and made some lovely "bracelets" I am modeling in the picture with the poem, to give to the retiree, Barb.  Barb was spotted countless times in the hallway wearing masking tape bracelets as she hung up the student's work and she was so practiced and expert at it that nobody could do it faster, or with more style!   Here are the creative words written by Cec .
Barb's "Bracelets"
How does she do that,
From afar we did watch.
She's up on a ladder,
From "bracelet" many a swatch.
Rolled up in a flash
In very precise sizes.
And to a piece of art,
Onto the wall those many prizes.
How does she do that,
So effortlessly grand
Once can only wonder
As in amazement we stand.
So here's to that person,
To that Masking Tape Queen.
To Barb! To Barb!
With envy we turn green!!!

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