Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday Finds

I came home after a long exhausting day at school, kids are always rambunctious when it rains all day, wanting to relax and take a nap but instead found a lovely package waiting for me!  My lovely sister-in-law sent me a fantastic gift!  I felt so special discovering the wonderful card (she is sooo talented!) and an awesome bag.  The bag is perfect for when my gypsy has to do some traveling, and it will this summer when Mary (SIL) and I road-trip to CHA.  I am so blessed with family that thinks of me when on shopping excursions!  So I call marvelous Mary to thank her for the "RAK" (I won because I am such an wonderful SIL!) and we chatted until my cell phone battery wet dead.  We had to share our fiskateer experiences of the last few was then I looked out the window to see the rain had turned to snow.  Yes, snow, on May 7.  Huh.  I don't remember snow every falling this late in the year!  So my Friday went from Frazzled, to Fabulous to Freaky in just a few hours.  I hope Saturday is more serene!

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Enfys said...

What a super gift, I love the bag and the card just matches perfectly - clever SIL
En xx