Wednesday, July 11, 2012

decorating with my daughter

My daughter loves to decorate cakes (and cupcakes) and today we decided to do a project together. I was messing around in the Cricut Craft Room while Emily was adding fondant to a small square cake. We soon hooked the computer up to the Cricut Cake mini and began cutting on some candy clay.
I was inspired to try the candy clay after a post on the Cricut Circle blog by Cindy where she shared decorating cookies with candy clay. I learned quite a lot today while working with the candy clay...use lots of powder sugar to thicken it, at least on a warm summer day. We took to freezing the clay on the mats before cutting then freezing after cutting and freezing after removing the extra material around the cuts. And work fast to transfer the images. The cuts were from Create a Critter (sun shape) and Cricut Decals (scuba diver) and Crciut Craftroom Basics (letters FUN) I used the hide contour tool on the scuba diver to remove some of the finer details knowing it would be impossible to maintain the cuts with the candy clay, in fact we had to reattach the arms because they were so skinny they wouldn't stay connected!
Over all I am quite pleased with my first use of candy clay and DD (darling daughter), Emily added her piped frosting for a nice finished touch!

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Melissa said...

How fun! It looks so good too- Good luck with the challenge.