Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thing 2

My mind has been spinning with all the new terminology I have been acquiring. I found the dictionary link of web related words very useful and plan to refer back because I certainly couldn't go thru. them all and remember. I think the older I get the less I remember (or is it because I keep adding to my store of info that it is getting full?!)
Web 2.0 - is that the best term? I don't think so, because it indicates a new version has been released but it is the current verbiage and when used, we understand (at least I hope to understand!) So what is it, and how is it different from the first go around? My best understanding is that it is interactive. The world wide web has been a place where I can mine for information and now I can deposit information also. The really fun part is the sharing of info can be done with word, pictures and even movies. So, we don't all have to be creative writers to share creatively. I still like using the term world wide web because it reminds me not to be egocentric. There are people all over the world that enjoy the same things my family does here in small town Minnesota. Just playing backgammon online can give a person an international experience!
Now we need to take the mindset that everyone has valuable things to share and as a library create the environment, or means for patrons to share. I am hoping to do that with my your users at the primary school I work at, the task is for me to be an effective user so I can help my students be meaningful users of the tools.

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