Thursday, October 25, 2012

Elf donuts

Tomorrow I will introduce Skoob, the shelf elf, to first grade students in the library. Skoob is a character in the book, The Shelf Elf by Jackie Mims Hopkins. In years past when I have read the story, the students enjoyed writing letters to Skoob and they were always on the look-out to find him but I explained that he only came out when it was quiet and dark. Well, to have a bit of fun this year, I made elf donuts to share with the students, I think there will be some library magic when the book and donuts are discovered. Here are the donuts I made with a bit of help from my daughter (and she's the one who found them on the internet and shared the idea with me!)
I made the box for the donuts with my Cricut E2 and the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge. And the donuts...they are really Cheerios with chocolate and sprinkles, powdered sugared Cheerios, and sugar-cinnamon covered Cheerios. Here's a picture with a penny next to a cheerio/donut to show scale, and the final picture is of all the boxes, and each box contains 2 dozen donuts-just enough for each first grade student!

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