Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have learned you can not confine a cat. After several weeks of trying to heal a cat, we decided the suffering has been enough. Our furry friend just hated being confined, weather it was a "kennel" or a room. He would bang himself up trying to get out and his broken leg became a compound fracture. It was destined to become infected (can a cat use a litter box without all four legs?!). Before things were awful we decided to euthanize our beloved pet. Everyone in the house "bucked up" and gave lots of attention to our furry comrade but still in the end we all bawled like babies. Onyx was such a good companion, never clawed the furniture, always quick with a purr and an hug (as well as demand for food!) and kept the mice out of the kitchen. Several days later after the fateful good-bye we still miss him and look to get a furry purr at the end of the day. sigh. We are constantly remembering when Onyx did this or that but I know my adult (and almost adult) children really cared when they provided Onyx with the meal of all kitty meals on his last night - shrimp. Farewell Onyx, we will always hold a special place in our memory of you.

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